Candid Wedding Photography

Georgie + Chris

Georgie and Chris, an incredibly well-suited pair that met in their youth, decided to get married at the local church where Georgie frequently worked. She was known for preaching barefoot, and so she decided she was going to get married barefoot too! The ceremony included several shots of whisky and left me in tears of laughter. Afterwards, we were all driven to a row of barns on a remote farm, with panoramic views of rolling hills and a warm summer breeze flowing through the marquee. Fairy lights adorned the barns, covering the space with a soft, twinkling glow, and the decorations consisted of wellies boots stuffed with wildflowers! A donkey was brought through the reception (a surprising wedding guest!) and gave a young girl a ride. To this day this continues to me one of my favourite weddings I’ve ever photographed.