So how does the process work? What’s it like to hire a wedding photographer, and what’s it like to hire a candid photographer, in particular? Most people have (unsurprisingly) never hired a photographer before, so here’s a little run down for you..



I’ve already waxed poetic about the beauty of candid wedding photography and why this style of photography is so exceptional, but another key advantage of this type of reportage-style wedding photography is that you will truly, genuinely get to enjoy your day, without the photographer butting in every few minutes. You will barely notice my presence, as I move around photographing the little details and momentary, intimate interactions that make up the heart of your experience. I’ve gone to weddings in which the bride spent hours posing for pictures, forcing a smile until her cheeks hurt. Not only are these kinds of pictures out-dated, but they often look awkward and forced. This isn’t how a wedding day should be spent, nor how it should be remembered. I want to see the bride, groom and rest of the guests immersed in the joy and excitement of the experience: laughing, crying, teasing, and everything in between, and that’s what I want to document and capture – the real emotion. That’s what it’s all about! Every wedding is different, so I don’t charge an hourly rate. I instead offer a full day of coverage for £975 (not including travel costs), and I arrive at whatever time you want me to – usually a few hours before the wedding itself in order to photograph the bride getting ready – and leave just after the first dance. If you want any additional hours of coverage, I charge £100 per hour. As I said, my mission is to blend into your wedding and become almost unnoticeable in order to allow you to properly enjoy your day, and allow me to properly capture it. If you have a list of group shots you want taken that’s as long as my arm, then I am probably not the photographer for you. I am happy to do a few, but no more than 5 (along with a quick, 15-minute couples shoot).



If you’ve had a good mooch around my website and you like my images and appreciate my shooting methods, great! Reach out and get in touch: let me know when and where you’re getting married, and I will respond back within a day, letting you know if I’m available, as well as approximate travel costs (if there are any; I always keep these to an absolute minimum). If you’re a local, we can meet for coffee, and if not we can set up a chat on the phone or through Skype. If you decide you are interested in booking me, let me know and I will request a (non-refundable) 10% deposit. The payment of this deposit is what confirms your booking. A casual pre-wedding couple shoot can be arranged around this time as well, and I offer these for 300 (travel cost not included).



After everything has been paid for and confirmed, you probably won’t hear much from me until we are much closer to the actual wedding date. I normally get in touch with my clients around 2 weeks before the big day for a final Skype call in which I ask the last series of questions, all with the purpose of helping me photograph your day to the best of my ability and to your peak satisfaction. I ask for the time schedule, addresses of venues and key phone numbers to be emailed to me at this time as well. The rest of the remaining balance is also due 2 weeks before the wedding, and I will send you a reminder through email, so you don’t have to worry about missing the deadline.



Congratulations, it’s finally the big day! On the day of your wedding, I will arrive at the agreed upon time and start shooting straight away. You will barely notice I’m there, and will be able to enjoy your day fully and completely. I will, at one point during the day, when the lighting is good, steal you away and do a quick (15 or so minutes) couples shoot, as well as any small list of group shots you want taken. I will stay and continue taking pictures until just after the first dance. Then it’s my time to say goodbye, wish you well, and head off!



I take around 4,000 pictures for each of my weddings, so post-production is a huge amount of work. I always do a sneak peak within a week (which I post on my Facebook page) of my 20 favourite images, and the remaining editing normally takes about a month, with the final product being 200 to 400 professionally edited images. I then upload the images onto a password-protected album online, which I will email to you. From this album, both you and your guests can browse, download images and order prints. I will also mail a secondary USB stick to your address. If you would like an album made of your photos, just let me know; my prices start at £350 and vary depending on size and number of pages. I am a professional graphic designer, and you can rest assured of the high quality and design of your albums. ALSO, I offer a referral program: any upcoming or past clients who refer me to a friend who then goes on to book me will receive 10% off or back from their wedding photography costs (this does not include travel or album costs).