Candid Wedding Photography

Jo + Mathew

I knew Jo from my college days; we used to hang out on the weekends and laugh at the funny dates she’d been on. When I found out Jo had not only had an adorable baby but was also getting married, I was thrilled, and Jo and Mathew’s civil ceremony took place at my very own town hall! The wedding was festival-themed, and a classically modeled car covered in ribbons picked up the newlywed couple and drove them over to Stonor Park. Upon arrival, the guests were given “Wed Fest” wristbands and directed through a field of marquees, bell tents and hay bails, all with panoramic views of the Chilterns. Absolutely incredible! The food was a self-serve BBQ, and everyone sat down on trestle tables covered with wildflowers and vials of sloe gin. After the speeches, a fire was lit and a vintage ice cream bike came by with Pimm’s flavoured ice cream (so good!). Music and dancing then ensued, all while the sun slowly set.