Candid Wedding Photography

So I hang around in lots of wedding-related Facebook groups, I often see posts come up asking how much fellow members spent on photography, flowers, etc. And if the prices they had been quotes were normal. I decided to gather up as much data as I could on what people had paid (in GBP £) and calculate the average costs of all of the main wedding items. Obviously, if you pay cheap you tend to get a lower quality item and if you have the money you can go as expensive as you like, for example, the average cost of a wedding photographer often lies between £600-900, on the cheaper end I see people offering their services for as low as £300-400, on the higher end it can be over £6,000 (and higher still!).

According to Hitched, in 2019 the average wedding came to a cost of £27,000  (according to 4,000 brides) and showed that venue hire was one of the greatest costs involved, followed closely by their honeymoon. My data shows a similar trend.



And without further ado, here is the data I collected…

Wedding Photographer – Average Cost £900

Video – Average Cost £1,000

Wedding Transport – Average Cost Is Between £300-600

Florist – Average Cost £500

Invites – Average Cost £120



Cake – Average Cost £500

Registry Office Hire – Average Cost £50

Church Hire – Average Cost  £500

Venue Cost – Average Cost £5,500

Food – Average Cost £13.50 per head



DJ – Average Cost £450

Band – Average Cost £1,100

Dress – Average Cost £1,300

Hair And Make – Average Cost £100 Per Person (Varied wildly from £50 per person  – £160 per person)

Engagement Ring – Average Cost £2,500



Wedding Planner – Between £400 – Several Thousand

Honeymoon – Average Cost £4,500