I have been shooting and retouching images since the age of 12 when my passion for photography began. This was the first art form I truly fell in love with. I’ve been doing it daily since. My images have been featured in The Guardian and Digital SLR magazine (among others!). Creating is what I live and breathe.

In 2014 I completed my art foundation deep in the depths of Cornwall and am now fully freelance! I also obtained Adobe qualification in Photoshop during this time. I spend most of the year traveling and tattooing, the rest working on my art and doing candid wedding photography. If you are interested in the art I create, feel free to check out my portfolio here.

When I’m not shooting weddings I almost exclusively shoot in film, I own at least 30 film cameras. Although I couldn’t practically shoot weddings in film, I do still bring this style to my photographs.