My Story2


I am someone who believes I was born to create. I genuinely see it as my calling, and I think it might even be in my genes (my grandmother was an avid painter, my mother a ceramicist). I caught the bug at the age of 12, when I first started toying with Photoshop and getting into photography, and I now take photos almost every day. When I am not shooting weddings, I exclusively shoot on film (I’m the proud owner of around 40 film cameras), and I find joy in capturing the beauty of my everyday life, from the way the golden morning light reflects off my coffee cup to the little folds and stains on the paperbacks I carry with me everywhere. And I absolutely love film – the human, living quality of it, with its unpredictability and little imperfections.


I have an Art Foundation from the prestigious Falmouth University. I’ve had my images published in The Guardian, Digital SLR Photography, and F STOP, among other sites, and I have won awards for my short films. I currently reside in the beautiful county of Cornwall and spend most of my working week creating art (no surprises there!). I dedicate my summers to working at festivals, and as a professional wedding photographer. I often keep my winters for exploring as much of the world as I can.


When I’m not out photographing everything around me, you can find me in my workshop silversmithing, making ceramics, illustrating, graphic designing, and even doing machine free-tattooing (and in fact, you can find many of my creations at my Etsy shop, JoellesEmporium)…If you are interested in seeing more of my other creative work check out I’m also an avid environmentalist and a dive master. Don’t let this overwhelm you though; I am extremely easy-going and relaxed, and I get along with everyone! I love a good, deep conversation; just give me an interesting topic and I’m your girl.